Wonderful memories

My lovely husband

As I mentioned in my first post, I don’t want this whole story to be depressing, because my time with John wasn’t entirely bad. Before the drugs, we were blissfully happy, and even after the drugs we still managed to have some good times.

We met our freshman year in college. We were both from states far away from our university and got terribly homesick. I met John in the cafeteria during spring break, when everyone who lived close to home was able to go be with family. Neither John nor I had a car or could afford a plane ticket home, so we were two of the few people who stayed on campus during the break.

I remember how abnormally quiet the cafeteria was without so few students coming in to eat. We sat at the same table, smiled shyly at each other and started talking. I was shy and nervous because he was so good-looking, but he made me laugh and put me at ease. We started spending time together as friends, and by the end of spring break, he had asked me on our first date.

Neither of us had a lot of money, so John smuggled a bunch of food out of the cafeteria and set up a picnic. He took us to a nearby lake we could walk to that I had never known before was there. It was such a fun, beautiful day and I’ll always remember it.

We were inseparable after that and stayed together all through college. I have so many amazing and wonderful memories with John from that time. We helped each other with homework, went to dorm parties, played videogames, ate all our meals together, and were just always by each others’ side and there for each other. We had so much in common, and I’d never felt so close to somebody before.

We drank and did party drugs like most of our friends in college, but it was never a huge part of our lives until after the wedding. Neither of us was addicted to anything, and we only ever smoked a little pot or had a few drinks at parties. I thought it was just normal experimentation for our age, although now I realize there are plenty of people that never go through this phase.

Keep reading to hear about our wedding, another happy time with John.