Smoking is one of the different ways that people use heroin. Personally, I find it to be a lot safer than the other methods of using such as snorting and injecting – hear me out. I get the fact that those two methods provide a quicker effect, but I don’t think the difference in the response time compared to smoking a heroin pipe is significant enough for the added risk. It’s just unnecessary. 

It’s easy to tell who a heroin smoker is, based on the smoking paraphernalia that you see with them. There are some things that are just generally associated with smoking heroin, and if you find them all in one place, then there must be a heroin smoker there. If you’re going to be smoking heroin personally too, you’ll have to use some or all of this heroin paraphernalia at some point.

asian man smoking heroin.
asian man smoking heroin.

Aluminum Heroin Foil

Just a surface where the drug can be contained while it is smoked. Some people use alternatives, but foil works best.


This serves as a source of heat and is placed underneath the aluminum heroin foil. The heat liquifies the drug in the aluminum foil, and it starts to smoke or steam.

Straw/Foil Pipe

When the heroin begins to emit steam, you can use the straw to inhale the smoke/steam coming from the aluminum foil. It’s a bit similar to what one would do with a cocaine straw. 

Drug Pipe/Rolling Papers/Cigarettes

So, how is heroin used with these items? For one, you can just roll it up in the cigarette or rolling paper. With the pipe, you’d have to place the heroin in the hole at the tip of the pipe to smoke it.

With drug tools, anyone is pretty much set to smoke – if the heroin is available, of course. Typically, this is how to smoke heroin:

  • Get the foil and the straw. If there’s no straw, you can create your won homemade drug paraphernalia by folding the foil into a shape that would make it usable as an alternative. This foil pipe will be used to inhale the vapor that is emitted from the heroin in your aluminum foil while it boils
  • Fold the heroin foil in half and straighten it until it is as flat as possible
  • Add some heroin on the end of the foil that is closest to you
  • Using your candle/lighter, gently heat the bottom of the heroin foil, so the heroin begins to boil. Be extremely careful not to overheat the heroin or inhale too much vapor at once. This is where the straw/foil pipe comes in. It helps to control the amount of vapor that you inhale such that you can stop when you start to feel the effect of the drug.

As suggested earlier, smoking heroin is less dangerous than the other methods of ingesting the drug, and the best way to smoke heroin is to be familiar with all the required paraphernalia beforehand. It is less addictive, and that makes it a better option for recreational users than snorting or injecting. Also, you can get through the whole process with only homemade drug paraphernalia, which is convenient. 

On the flip side, a large part of the drug goes to waste through this method of ingesting, and the fact that the vapor that you inhale goes straight to the brain is something to worry about too. The most important thing is to make sure that any recreational use is kept to the barest minimum. Better still, avoid the drug completely. If any signs of addiction begin to surface, visit a rehabilitation center immediately.