In my last post, I described how John spent our honeymoon getting doped up with strangers on the beach, and how I let him get away with it.

On the drive home from our trip, John mostly slept the whole way while I did the majority of the driving.

This was annoying and concerning because he had barely let me drive at all on the way to the beach because it was his new car and he was so excited to drive it, and was very protective of it and didn’t trust my driving skills since I’d never had a car.

Apparently, he didn’t care anymore for one a short vacation, since he was passed out in the back seat for most of the trip home.

I caught him at a rest stop smoking out of a little pipe outside behind some trees. I couldn’t believe he had brought heroin back with him and had even bought his own pipe.

This was very alarming. I thought the heroin use was a fluke and that he would stop and go back to normal after our vacation, but apparently, I was wrong. No wonder he had been so tired the whole car ride.

I told him it wasn’t acceptable and that I expected him to stop when we got to our new home. John argued a little but finally acquiesced.

Once we got home, though, he didn’t stop. Instead of looking for a job like I was, John sat on the couch and smoked and watched TV.

Again I made excuses for him, thinking he just wanted to extend the vacation for a little bit longer. I argued with him half-heartedly to stop but still didn’t think there was a big problem.

This went on for months though. While I got a job and started working full-time, John still had barely tried to find work.

This was very out of character for John, who was ambitious and a hard worker while we were at school. I didn’t like seeing this side of him.

When he finally did get a job, he got fired after only a month for being late so many times. I didn’t understand it.

He said he just overslept and had been having problems with his sleeping lately. I should have recognized everything that was going on as a sign of a serious addiction problem.

Keep reading to hear about the day John died.