Part Human, Mostly Beast

by Honeymoon Disease

Release date: 27.10.17
The Sign Records

Honeymoon Disease:
Jenna - Guitars & Vocals
Acid - Guitars & Vocals
Cedric - Bass
Jimi - Drums

Additional musicians:
Organ & Additional Backing Vocals - Oskar Andersson
Piano & Additional Synths - Ola Ersfjord
Percussion - Dennis Skoglund
Brass Arrangements - Jonas Wikstrand
Additional Handclaps - Sammy Ouirra

Produced, recorded and mixed by Ola Ersfjord at Studio Ganymeden, Linköping, Sweden & Cuervo Recording Service, Madrid, Spain in 2017.
Mastered by Chris Common at Twin Hills Mastering, El Paso, TX, USA.
Artwork by Branca Studio
Original front cover photos by Kristin Carlsson & Michel Wieczorek

All lyrics and music written and performed by Honeymoon Disease.