What Is This Blog About?

Hello, my name is Ariana, and I want to share my story with you.

Ariana John

It is the story of how I fell in love and married a man named John. We met in college and got married the day of our graduation. We started using heroin together on our honeymoon. I didn’t like it, but he loved it way too much. I lost him from an overdose only a year after our wedding.

This happened recently, and it is incredibly painful for me to talk about. I have so much guilt and shame for the part I played in John’s addiction, and that I wasn’t able to stop him. I am in therapy now, and my therapist said this blog could not only be a good way for me to help others, but to help myself manage my grief.

I wanted to create this blog in case sharing my story helps anyone else who has a loved one struggling with addiction. Please don’t ignore the signs and don’t wait to get help. It may be the single greatest regret of your life, as it is mine.

I don’t want you to think that this blog is going to be all doom and gloom, though. John and I had plenty of happy times, even after he became addicted to heroin. I want to give you the whole picture of who he was and how we were together, not just share the side of him that was an addict.

This blog is about heroin, but the signs of addiction for many substances are similar. If you recognize any part of yourself or someone you love in this story, please pay attention to the warning signs and seek treatment. Addiction is such a huge problem in our country, and there are so many options for addiction treatment available. 

You don’t have to be a slave to substances or watch a loved one deteriorate from drug abuse. Take action. Do research. Find the best treatment options in your area and get help immediately.

Even if you don’t have money or health insurance, there are plenty of places that are willing to work with you to figure out an affordable treatment plan.

I wish I’d known all this before. Keep reading to hear my story.