I told you in my last post more about what John was like and how we decided to get married on our college graduation day. We went to a beach town on the west coast for our honeymoon. Neither of us had ever seen the ocean before and we were so excited.

We left the day after graduation and had put down a payment on an apartment we would share when we returned home. We had decided to live at first in the same area as my parents, and then later decide if we wanted to move closer to John’s family.

We drove out to the west coast in the car John’s family had managed to buy him as a graduation/wedding gift. It was so fun, snacking and taking turns on the radio and playing road trip games I remembered from when I was little, like trying to spell out words from license plates. Even though he did the majority of the driving, John won most of the games.

We had rented a little house on the beach, and it was amazing. John and I ran into the water, surprised by how cold it was. But we didn’t care, we put on our suits and ran into the waves anyway, teeth chattering and toes going numb.

One of the first nights we were there, a group of people about our age were having a bonfire just down the beach from us. It was a few couples vacationing together and sharing a house. They saw us walking along the beach and called out for us to join them.

They were all sitting around the fire drinking beers, and at some point, someone pulled out a pipe and started passing it around. John and I both assumed it was just pot and took a hit.

I could tell right away that something was different. It didn’t taste or smell like pot, and it made me feel sick and nauseous. I didn’t take any more than just the one puff, but John kept on smoking with the others.

I didn’t feel good, and I was getting paranoid so I asked John to take me back to our beach house, which he reluctantly did. I went straight to bed because I felt so weird and just wanted to sleep it off, but John stayed up watching a movie.

Keep reading to find out what happened next on our honeymoon.